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APF-MAX 8 series Full Automatic blow molding machine

Technical data: APF-MAX 8
Bottle volume, l: 14000
Overall dimension, mm: From 0.25 to 2 liters
Installed power, kW: 140
Weight, kg: 10000



The above machine has the following advantages that distinguish it from other machines in this field:

  • The APF-Max series has the ability to shuffle and speed up without changing The overall machine.
  • In the blow section of this machine, a separate block valve system has been used for each cavity.
  • The patenting of a new system for the opening and closing of molds for the first time in the world, which has significantly reduced the time it takes to form bottles in the mold without slowing down the production of the machine.
  • In the structure of these machines, to control the temperature of heaters and other controlled factors, the PLC control system, a product of B&R company produced in Austria, as well as Japanese sensors made by Omron are used to receive feedback signal in the control system. The company allows the operator to replace the mold in a short time, which is an effective factor in the production of different circuits with different volumes and sizes with one machine.
  • Preform heating system with a new structure consisting of infrared lamps with reflective properties made in Poland with a power of 1000 and 2000 watts throughout the preform, which are designed in the longitudinal direction of the movement of the preforms in the furnace, which allows adjusting the temperature of each lamp. Separate from other lamps by the main controller of the machine is completely automatic.
  • Using this technology in the heating structure of this machine, it is possible to produce any bottle in any shape for these machines.
  • In the structure of the company’s production machines, the compressed air recycling mechanism “blow outlet” has been used to guide other pneumatic circuits, which has caused a factor of 25% in saving the air consumption of the machines.
  • In the heating system of this machine, at the same time, the cooling system (cold air) also cools the preforms on the other hand. It significantly reduces the number of defective preform during machine startup.
  • Design and construction of a new system for transferring performs to heaters with an automatic row and loading system.
  • In the structure of APF-Max 8 Series machines, servo drives, heater rotation parts, preform transfer, mold closing, strapping of the preform, and “FESTO Servo systems” cervical system have been used.
  • To increase the lifespan of erosive parts according to the European CE standard, all O-Ring & Packaging are made of European polyurethane and elastomers.
  • Due to the importance of the cooling system in mold, which has a direct impact on the quality of the final product, all the relevant parts and components are provided by D-M-E (manufactured in the United States and Belgium).
  • By using a smart system that separates defective preforms in the production line, unhealthy or non-standard preforms are prevented from entering the production path.
  • All machines meet European food standards “HACCP” and CE.