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Simaftab company

Simaftab Industrial commercial company

Simaftab company

Arazco Commercial Production and Industrial Group operates under the auspices of the following companies in various fields: one of the companies under Arazco’s subsidiary is Simfabat Company With 25 years of experience in industrial and commercial production and 20 years of experience in commercial affairs, customs clearance from all over the country,financial transfers,domestic and international shipping of freight from all over the world,supplier of raw materials,machinery,marketing,sales engineering,Export & Import, Domestic and international Transit,Exhibition of Iranian and foreign companies in exhibitions of the country with full knowledge of domestic and foreign trading affairs,and customs clearance,is ready to provide services with experienced staff

Simaftab Trading Company, in cooperation with Arad Azad and Zima Sepehr companies, has specialized in the field of international transportation, shipping and clearance of goods from all customs offices of the country, part of which is presented below for information.

Clearance of goods is a process that is carried out by the work of clearance as the legal representative of the owner of the goods in the customs for export and import of goods, during which the goods are removed from the customs places after performing the relevant customs formalities.

The clearance process includes the preparation and registration of documents physically or electronically and the calculation of costs, including taxes, commercial profits and customs duties, and other miscellaneous expenses to the owners of the goods (importers and exporters). This holding company has been able to provide valuable services in clearing goods and customs formalities to its customers by employing specialized forces in the field of clearance and customs laws and regulations, import and export and transit by mastering trade laws and related executive regulations.

The company’s loyal staff have all taken an oath to be loyal to all the rights of our valued customers and employers, and to do our best every day to improve our services. It is hoped that the company’s services will bring employers comfort and economic prosperity along with peace of mind.

In addition, the above group, with the advice of customs affairs and clearance of goods, exports, imports, has a work and business fee card and is an official member of the Union of Operators and one of the agents of the General Customs Administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Persian Gulf waves Anamis has the necessary and desirable capability and capability in providing chain services including supply of parts and equipment of production line, consulting and shipping of goods, unloading and loading and clearance of all kinds of imported goods to southern ports, clearance and land (road) ) It has bulk, miscellaneous goods, iron and project and industrial goods. The company has a dedicated site and terminal inside the Shahid Rajaei wharf area with an area of ​​5 hectares, which is a very ideal place for storing and arranging all kinds of hardware and equipment.

It also includes all the equipment, including 10 ton, 16 ton, 20 ton, top lift and rich forklifts, which have the ability to sterilize and container, unload and load, and cooling operations.

It hereby notice that over the years, the company has been able to provide uninterrupted, continuous clearance services and a number of the most reputable public, commercial, industrial and private companies.

The company is now one of the most reputable and active collections in the field of customs affairs, goods clearance, transportation and delivery of goods to the destination, and daily clears, transports and delivers a significant volume of various goods to customers. The key to the success of Simaftab Company since its establishment has been trust, honesty, accuracy, speed in all executive operations and also providing the most appropriate solutions to protect the economic interests of companies with which we have been proud to cooperate.

Simftabab Company Services

  • Clearance of goods from all customs offices of the country
  • Domestic and foreign shipping and cargo transportation from all over the world
  • Supplier of raw materials, machinery
  • Marketing, sales engineering, export and import, domestic and foreign transit
  • Setting up booths of Iranian and foreign companies in the country's exhibitions
  • Registering the goods and obtaining a business license
  • Performing customs clearance services for incoming and outgoing goods
  • Obtaining ship clearance
  • Providing consulting services in the field of determining the rate of goods / customs value of goods
  • Participate in the customs dispute commissions in order to protect the rights of the owners of the goods
  • Obtaining the necessary permits for incoming and outgoing goods
  • Obtaining all standard licenses
  • Employers update the position of goods in customs online
  • Providing new international business services
  • Obtaining a license from the Ministry of Industry, not building and allocating currency, and pursuing the allocation of currency from the banking system
  • Arranging shipping documents, foreign shipping, endorsement of documents, registration of online shipping, remote registration and creation of declaration ID

Relying on the experience, capability and expertise of the company’s personnel regarding customs clearance of goods, it is hoped that by introducing itself to that collection, an opportunity will be created to include the honor of cooperating with that group from customs and obtaining permits as soon as possible.
It is also necessary to explain that this group is ready to provide services in all customs offices of the country with three offices in Tehran, offices and personnel based in Bandar Abbas.

May the days of success Continue.
Management of Simaftab Company.