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APF-30 blow molding machine

Output, bottles/h: 120; 250
Bottle volume, l: 20,0-30,0
Blowing pressure, bar: up to 40
Low pressure, bar: 8-10
Low and high pressure air demand, m³/min, output 120 bph: 4,7
Low and high pressure air demand, m³/min, output 250 bph: 7,7
Cooling liquid temperature, °C: 7-9
Voltage supply: 400 V/50 Hz
Installed power, kW: 87
Overall dimensions, mm: 6700*2400*3100
Weight, kg: 6050

  • Full Automatic blow molding machines for the production of massive containers with a volume of 20-30 liters
  • The design and construction of the system for opening and closing the molds of these machines is linear, and with this new system, this machine has been able to significantly increase the production speed of massive containers.
  • The design, type and shape of preform tensile shafts for massive bottles of 20-30 liters have been compared to the thickness of the walls of the preforms, which prevents curvature and ripples on the surface of the bottle and helps to have a stable production process.
  • In the structure of these machines, to control the temperature of heaters and other controlled factors, the PLC control system of B&R product of Austria is used.
  • Equipped with compressed air system.
  • The device’s 16-stage heater allows for rapid, uniform and deep heating (on the inside and outside walls) for thick-walled preforms used in the production of 20-30 liter bottles.
  • In order to facilitate the thermal equilibrium of the working parts inside the heater, all the mechanical parts carrying the preforms inside the heater have a cooling system (cold water and cool air), which therefore prevents the temperature from rising in the opening and threading of the preforms. .
  • The automatic and regular output structure of ready-made containers from the output parts of the machine, as well as the use of the corresponding conveyor belt, has made it possible to connect the device directly to the filling lines.